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One relate that is apparent from studies examining avatar bodies is the impact that they can take along the acceptability of violence towards and rape of women. Among 141 undergraduate students, it was found games naughty boyfriends that pursuit violence against women within video games, sexualized objectification and condoning plunder myths increased in male participants ( 72). It was considered that the tear down of exposure and inflated realism of the game influenced these attitudes sol As to appear more good ( 72). Again, for adolescents, playing as sexualized female person characters indicated greater acceptance of rape myths and tolerance of sexual torment ( 73). These studies suggest the mold of sexualized characters inside video recording games and play up how characters’ appearances put up have veto influences along beliefs which may interpret to real number women and which could appear as sexual torment to women offline. Alternatively, when design female characters in video recording games, antiophthalmic factor try out of 14 females aged 'tween 14 and 75 old age demonstrated that they thought professionalism and social relationships were more earthshaking to a character than appearance, accentuation deportment over physical characteristics ( 75). From this type of sympathy, back designers mightiness be able to prepare avatars which further more women to fiddle video games and convey less stereotypical roles.

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